Adult Tennis Calendar

2017 Adult Tennis Schedule

May 29		Monday		New Member Mixer		Tennis Co-Chairs & Membership Chair

June 3		Saturday	Mixer				Jacquie Kenny & Jen Willson

June 17 	Saturday	DAVIS CUP			Davis Cup Committee

June 22-25	Thursday-Sunday	CLEM EASTON Senior USTA Tournament

July 1		Saturday	Member Guest Mixer		Board of Governors

July 8		Saturday	Mixer				May Oh & Co-host

July 16		Sunday		"Daiquiri Doubles"		Jackie & David Pleet	

July 21		Friday		Women's Member/Guest Tournament	Jenna Goodman		

July 22 	Saturday	"Get Your Grill On Mixer"	Vivian Miller & Cary Dash; Susan & Scott Cooper		
August 6	Sunday 		Mixer (Brunch)			Lesley & Lyman Wood; Kate & Mark Bean

August 13	Saturday	Mixer				Mary Adler & Co-host

August 19	Saturday	M/W Doubles Championships	Kelly Canniff	

August 26-27	Saturday-Sunday	M/W Singles Championships	Caroline Marchese	

September 2	Saturday	Labor Day Mixer			Kim Burns & Anita Hoag

September 9 	Saturday	Mixed Doubles Championships	Connie & Tom Gould

September 16	Saturday	Season End Mixer - Wine		Tom O'Brien & Gerrit Toebes



Co-Chairpersons: Kim Burns and Lora Arnold
Board Liaison: Jamie Dunbar