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The Field Club Platform Tennis Facility Includes:

5 Professional Paddle Tennis Courts with heaters.
Paddle Deck with Outdoor Seating.

State of Art Paddle Hut

  • Dining Area
  • Lounge Area
  • Kitchen Area
  • Locker Area
  • Restrooms

Paddle News 2017/2018

From The Paddle Courts…

The Club would like to thank Sally Gallucci for her service on the FC Paddle Committee last season.  Sally has decided to move on from the committee; she was great to work with, and will be missed!  With that said, we would very much like to welcome Jenn Willson to the FC Paddle Committee for the upcoming 2017-2018 season! Jenn has dived right in (to the deep end, no less), and we look forward to having her on the team!

We would also like to welcome back Kelly Canniff as our certified “Paddle Pro.” Kelly brings a passion for paddle, along with a fantastic knack for teaching the sport.  Please look for more information around paddle clinics and lessons (as a group or individual ) to follow.

The Contract Times are set, and will run from Monday, October 2, 2017, through Thursday, March 29, 2018.  Although there are no 7 p.m. start times available, there are plenty of time slots available that start at either 5:30 p.m. or 8:30 p.m.  Should you have interest if forming a group contract time, please reach out to the paddle committee.

To make paddle court reservations ( other than Contract Time),  please use the “Paddle Court Reservation Site” (  One-time paddle reservations can be made up to one week ahead of the date and time you want to make your reservation.

Lastly, we have completed the “Paddle Schedule of Events” for the upcoming season. Our first event is the “Oktoberfest Mixed Mixer” to be held on Friday, October 13, from 7 to 10 p.m., and hosted by the Ehrenbergs and the Spencers.  We also have our annual “Paddle 101 Clinic” slated for Sunday, October 29, from 11 a.m. to  1 p.m., which is being hosted by Kelly Canniff, David Appleman, the Plauts, the Weiners, and the Nilssons.  This is a great early season event for those new to the sport of paddle, or those existing players looking to brush up on their skills.

The entire schedule (subject to change ) has been posted on the Field Club website ( Thanks… and look forward to seeing folks out on the courts!!
Tom Kietzman & Jenn Willson

Paddle Lessons Now Available

Paddle lessons are back! Field Club member Kelly Canniff is returning as our pro and is offering paddle lessons to our members.

Besides being a long-time Field Club member, Kelly is a teaching pro for tennis, platform tennis and pickle-ball! She’s coached high school and college tennis for over twenty years and is a frequent participant in tournaments.

Kelly’s preferred format is for three members to arrange a 1½-hour time slot, with the first hour being lesson/drills followed by a ½ hour of play with Kelly as your fourth. The cost is $60 for the court (in this case, $20/member). Kelly’s preferred lesson times are during the day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Payment will be direct to Kelly.

Kelly is very flexible and open to arranging both the lesson format and timing to fit your needs, so please feel free to discuss them with her.

Contact Kelly now to set up your lessons or feel free to contact her later in the season. — Rick Plaut

New This Year:  Teen Paddle Mixers!!

Put the following date on the calendar to get your teens off the couch and out into the cold, fresh air to kick off their own paddle season:

Teen Paddle Mixer
Friday, November 17th
6 p.m.

Your teens don’t need to know to play; we’ll have instructors and people to keep the games going… outside and inside the paddle hut. Plan on a fun night of food, friends and paddle!

We hope to host more teen events (looking for more volunteers to host!). Likely, the teens will be better than the parents by the end of winter!



Paddle News 2016/2017

Mixed Doubles Club Championship

Mostly cloudy skies and breaks of sun (at all the right times) helped Kate Morneau and Mike Shields capture this year’s Mixed Club Championship Tourney on April 8. A total of six well assembled teams gathered on a beautiful Saturday morning to compete in the double elimination draw.  Early play was fierce, as the morning started with eight game
pro sets.

Confusion about tie breakers at 7-7 or “win by 2” dominated the early morning discussion as players downed OJ, coffee, homemade power bites and DD Munchkins.  No early upsets were reported as the teams moved through the morning with little to no rest between matches.  The temperatures moved into the 40’s and the ball started to bounce a little more like it should with springtime paddle.

The team of Jacquie Kenny and David Fuller ended up losing early and moving all the way through the back draw to get to the finals against Morneau and Shields.  Despite already playing five matches (many of them best of three sets), team Kenny/Fuller rallied early in the finals catching the rested (and turkey bacon wrap and cheese pizza filled) Morneau and Shields off guard. In the end Kate and Mike got things moving and took this years title.

Sam Adams was there to thank all participants for playing, including new members/new players Steven and Jen Creelman.  Way to step it up!  Hope to see more teams involved next year! — Mike Shields

2017 APTA Nationals in Philly!

Sure, you can watch the Platform Tennis National Championships on your TV or computer, but to really soak in the atmosphere and athleticism of the players, you want to be there live!

That was the case at the very recent championship tourney just west of Philadelphia.  A rumored 23 country/field clubs were involved, and up to 68 courts were in play to host both the men’s and women’s brackets.  The event featured a total of 128 teams for the men and 96 for the women.

It’s great to see the top players in the game, and especially this year, as the Field Club had two local members participating at a very high level.  Jeff Morneau and his partner, Juan Arraya, entered as the 3rd seed, and John Hughes and his partner, Marc Powers, were there as the 4th seed.  That’s 3rd and 4th in the nation!  Pretty impressive!

This tournament is like no other.  You have every top player in the country competing all around you.  Johan, he’s the guy with the best forehand in the game.  Jared, he won Wimbledon back in the 90’s.  This player does that and that player does what?  “Wow, did you see that shot?”  “That was an unbelievable get!”  “Did that point just last five minutes?”  That sort of stuff for three full days….  The 4th day is reserved for the semi-finals and finals if you’re good enough to get there.

Lucky for us, both Jeff and John made it to Sunday and competed at a very high level against the two top teams in the country.  Unfortunately, John got beat by the #1 seeded team, but Jeff was able to take down the #2 team and compete for a chance for the championship!  It was a terrific match; the shot making was accurate, the slices were juiced up, and the crowd was entertained.  In the end Jeff and Juan came up just short, losing to the same team that beat John and his partner.

Congratulations to our local Field Club “national level” participants.  Whether watching live or on the computer, it’s always more fun watching when it’s your local favorite(s)! — Mike Shields

Men’s A Championship “Hotly Contested”

The “2017 Field Club Men’s A Championship” was help on Saturday, March 25th, hosted by Tom Kietzman, Tom O’Brien, and Sara Suchy.  Seven teams competed for the title this year, which was very hotly contested. Defending champs John Hughes and Craig Waddington certainly couldn’t have thought this was going to be a walk-over when they inspected the draw sheet
s.  In the end, however, John and Craig were victorious in a thrilling split-set final (6-4, 4-6, 6-2) over
Jeff Morneau and Mike Shields in the finals. 

All four players – well, mostly John and Jeff (no offense Shieldzy & Wads) –  displayed some of the most creative and awe-inspiring shots and corner digs witnessed in our Club Championships.  Both Mike Doyle and Tom O’Brien were seen shaking their heads in disbelief over some of Jeff’s “facing-backwards-between-the-legs” returns.  Gary Ulrich was overheard mentioning that he thought John Hughes was actually a right-handed player, but chose to play much of the preliminary rounds as a lefty (we have retained the services of a private investigator to look into whether John is indeed a righty or a lefty).

The consolation final found four grizzled veteran paddlers in ANOTHER thrilling split-set final.  Larry Eagan and Mike Freedman bested Rob Durfee and Jonathan Spencer in a 6-1, 5-7, 7-6 squeaker.  A light rain descended on the players in the third set, which added to the drama.  A nice crowd stayed to the finish to cheer on our finalists.

In the midst of the tournament was our president, Moira Murphy, hosting an “Open House” for prospective members.  Moira received a number of guests, who were treated to witnessing some of the best (non APTA) paddle played at our club this year!

CONGRATS to John and Craig, along with Larry and Mike!! Special thanks to Tom O’Brien for making sure there was plenty of pizza and adult beverages on hand for the participants, as well as Sara Suchy for her help with setting up and cleaning up.

Another GREAT day to be a member of the Field Club of Longmeadow!! — Tom Kietzman

Brock and Toebes Named “Best of the B’s”

The Field Club of Longmeadow held it’s 2017 Men’s “B” Paddle Championship on Saturday, March 18.  It was a crisp, late-winter afternoon/evening that saw 15 teams vie for the title of “Best of the B’s.” Scott Brindle, Tom Kietzman and Brian Prast hosted this event that included preliminary round-robin play, along with steaks on the grill prepared by Chef Barry O’Connor for dinner.  The Field Club may not have set any records at this event in terms of longest points or number of entrants; however, we ABSOLUTELY set a record for the largest and tastiest rib-eye steaks and baked potatoes ever consumed on the grounds of our hallowed club.  Chef Barry’s mastery of the grill was probably the most dominant performance of the day!

The NCAA basketball tournament was on the big screen in the hut, which provided plenty of its own drama above and beyond what was happening on the paddle courts.  At one point, there was a noticeable screech coming out of the hut, which caused alarm for some of our thirty paddlers that somebody may have hurt themselves somehow.  It was later discovered that the screech in question was Mr. Prast’s reaction to his Wisconsin Badgers upsetting Villanova in the NCAA’s (much to the chagrin of Gary Ulrich ).  Order, and paddle playing, was soon restored.  Some GREAT paddle was being played during the tourney, enough good paddle to warrant Rob Durfee, Gary Weiner and Bob Conley to swing by to “Scout” some of the matches in anticipation of the Men’s “A” Championship to be played the following weekend.

After a short break for dinner, the semi-finals and finals were played.  One semi-final saw Don Brock and Gerrit Toebes top Doug Jangraw and Buzz Travers 8-5.  The other semi had David Appleman and Tom O’Brien win a tiebreaker 8 – 7 over Dick Forrest and Tom Libbos.  The finals were GREAT to witness, and had the full attention of the “Peanut Gallery.” Donny and Gerrit played particularly steady in a squeaker over Apples and Tom 5-7, 6-1, 6-4.  It was a TON of fun to watch.  All four players performed graciously, and were welcomed with a VERY warm response from the fan contingent when their match was completed.  CONGRATS to our 2017 Men’s “B” Champions —- Don Brock and Gerrit Toebes!! —  Tom Kietzman

The Big Paddle is Back Home!

On a beautiful Saturday in mid-February, five teams from the Field Club competed in the Big Paddle Challenge hosted by the Hartford Golf Club.  With some adept negotiation and cajoling, Captain Rob Durfee was able to cobble together the strongest team since the Field Club started playing in this event 17 years ago.  Big Paddle has been played at Hartford Golf Club for over 35 years, beginning in 1977.  The format is the top 10 players, drawn from four clubs and their surrounding areas, play one match (2 out of 3 set)  against each of the three other clubs.  The other teams include Essex/Madison (CT), Shelter Harbor (RI) and Hartford (CT).

The Field Club dominated the other three clubs, losing only two matches out of a total of 15.  It was a particularly sweet win over the “trash talking” boys from Essex… who have taken home the Paddle many times in the past.

This year’s team lineup included:

  1. Craig Waddington/John Hughes
  2. Alex Seiler/Jeff Morneau
  3. Naren Dhamodharan/Mike Shields
  4. Chris Barnhart/Andrew Waddington
  5. Jason Smith/Rob Durfee

Wads and Seiler did an awesome job supporting and playing up to the level of their respective top nationally ranked partners – John Hughes and Jeff Morneau.   The 3rd position turned out to be the most challenging.  Naren and Shields showed mental toughness and a lot of heart as they came out on top after playing long three sets in each of their matches. Barnhart and Andrew ran into a tough team in their 1st match, but then turned youth and speed to their advantage in the later rounds.  Smith and Durf were a winning combination of talent and experience.

Suggestions on where the Big Paddle should reside in the hut are appreciated (it is currently resting near the fireplace). — Rob Durfee

Women’s B Paddle Team Takes 2nd

The Field Club’s Women’s B Paddle Team took second place in the inter-club Women’s B Valley Paddle league for the 2016-2017 season.  Having played the other five teams in the league (Simsbury Farms, Hopmeadow Country Club, Hartford Country Club, Avon Country Club and Longmeadow Country Club) three times each, the team accumulated 126 points, one point for each set won in four doubles line ups each week. The team fell short by just six points to the tenacious and talented Hopmeadow Country Club.

The team of 26 (mostly-active) members improved theirs skills and their wit with practices and good camaraderie on a weekly basis, playing in sun, snow or bitter wind, depending on the week.  The ladies on the team enjoyed the best of what the Field Club has to offer: good matches, fresh air and great friends. The team can ALWAYS use new members, so look for the email in October announcing our gathering round robin to kick off the season.  Rosaria Peffer and Liz Kollias will head up the team next year, and hopefully, bring back the winner’s plaque for our mantel!  — Sherri Ehrenberg

Pioneer Valley Women’s Open

The 8th Annual Pioneer Valley Women’s Open, hosted at the Field Club, was a fun-filled day with 14 tenacious teams and 28 lovely ladies!  The temperature was well below freezing, but that didn’t deter our teams; unfortunately, however, injuries and illness kept some from playing this year (you were missed).

Tournament Directors Asa Nilsson and Kate Morneau thank everyone for helping to make the day a great one, from the participants, to the spectators, to the caterer and bakers, and of course, the hut helpers (Jeff Morneau, Per Nilsson and Gerrit Toebes).

Shana Roberts and Victoria Cran won this year’s tournament by defeating Linda Brenske and Megan Shapiro-Ross in the main draw finals: 6-2, 6-3.  The Consolation winners, Barbara Coster and Alethea Desrosiers, defeated Asa Nilsson and Barbara Horne in an entertaining three-set match: 6-4, 2-6, 7-6.  Kate Morneau and Hilary Meyers lost their first match but won the Consolation Reprieve title.

Regardless of winning or losing, lots of fun was had on the paddle courts! — Kate Morneau & Asa Nilsson

Fun for All at Irish Paddle Mixer

On St Patrick’s Day, the paddle hut was festive with the Irish Mixer, hosted by Dietmar and Angela Kuhr and Moira Murphy, in full swing. There was plenty of good paddle with a little competition thrown in for our new to paddle attendees: the Dumalas vs. the Ondricks! The event featured husbands against wives. In the end, the wives won the bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream prize.

Throughout the event, participants were cheered on by the crowd of onlookers, who were enjoying boot beer in a keg from our own brewmeister, Joseph Stiefel. There was plenty of good food and company, as well as the NCAA Basketball tournament in the background on the large TV.

Murphy’s Irish stout four pack’s were the take home surprise. This was a great way to get some good paddle and celebrate with friends.  Join us next year as we make this an annual tradition!
Moira Murphy

Hearty Soup & Hardy Paddle

On January 22, a huge crowd of 28 paddle players converged at the Field Club paddle courts for the Hearty Soup and Hardy Paddle Mixer.  Friendly mixed play ensued, including both new and seasoned players, on a delightful warm winter day.  Resting players watched the last stand of the Green Bay Packers on TV (maybe next year).  Delicious hearty soup included chicken lentil soup made by Jackie Pleet and cream of broccoli soup made by Patsy Martin.

The event ended when everyone wanted to go home and watch Tom Brady throw his inflated balls. Go Pats! Hope to see you all next year for the 3rd annual soup mixer!
—  David and Jackie Pleet

Men’s A/B Paddle Tournament

Our Field Club hosted the annual LFC-LCC Men’s A/B Mixer on a beautiful winter day on Saturday, January 14th.  We had 44 participants, which included five friends from LCC.  David Appleman made the pairings, and with the assistance of Tom Kietzman, John Pappas and Glenn Snyder, made sure that all the players had plenty to eat and drink. Special thanks to our “A” players, Per Nilsson, Mike Shields, Mike Freedman, Mark Rush, Larry Eagan, Rob Durfee, Jason Smith, Steve McKenna and Charles Gray, for bringing their “Big Stick Paddle” game in support of this event.  Special thanks also to Apples, who couldn’t play due to a recent (yes, paddle related ) injury. Dave made sure all who attended had a great time!  Just another great day to be a member of the Field Club of Longmeadow!! – Tom Kietzman

 First Annual Women’s A/B Paddle Mixer

On a snowy, cold Sunday morning, the first annual Women’s A/B Paddle Mixer was enjoyed by 31 players.  With all five courts alive, friendly competition was enjoyed by all.  Asa Nilsson and Chris Nicholson made a great team, organizing the round-robin format
and providing a breakfast of energy bites, quiche, fruit salad and beverages (wine for those who stayed!).  Thank you to all our wonderful Field Club participants and our one-and-only LCC representative, Lauren Gray, for making this event a fun success.  Thank you to Jeff Dubiel and sidekick Ben Kozial, who had the courts cleared of snow and ready to play at 9 a.m. Thank you also to our paddle co-chairs, Tom Kietzman and Sally Gallucci, and to our club president, Moira Murphy. — Chris Nicholson & Asa Nilsson 

Field Club Hosts National Platform Tennis Tournament

On December 10, we were thrilled to host a tournament that featured ten of the top-ranked players in the United States. Many members and guests enjoyed the spectacle, as well as the warmth and congeniality of the hut – it was a cold day. That didn’t faze the competitors, who were out there playing for hours.

Special congratulations to participating members John Hughes and Jeff Morneau; Jeff and his partner, Juan Arraya, won the final 6-1, 7-6 over George Wilkinson and Max Le Pivert. Thanks to all the Field Clubbers who volunteered in so many ways to make this a truly memorable event! – Rick Plaut

Valley Men’s APTA 95+ Paddle Tournament

The men’s APTA 95+ sanctioned tournament was held at the Field Club on Saturday November 19, 2016.  A full draw of 28 teams, with players coming from all over New England and New York, kicked off at 8:30 a.m., with the final match for the last draw ending at 6:30 p.m.

We had an early upset, as the unseeded team of Steve Heath and Darryl Bender upset the defending champions and no. 1 seed Bill Durfee and Geoff Cartier in the second round. Heath and Bender would go on to win the tournament in a three-set final over Marc Porter and Dan McCormick 3-6, 6-2, 6-4. The other results were as follows:

Quarter Reprieve:
Glenn Marshall and Andy Lovejoy defeated Mark Willis and Ryan Byrnes 6-4, 6-4.

Travis Lytle and Dan Joseph defeated Steve McKenna and Rick Steele 6-3, 6-7, 6-3.

Bill Durfee and Geoff Cartier defeated Robert Pease and David Cox   6-3, 6-1.
Josh Kress and Curt Robinson defeated Gary Weiner and Kent Griffiths 6-4, 6-4.

We had many compliments on the food truck that served several different tacos for our players’ enjoyment.  Plenty of beverages were provided for both the participants and the crowd of onlookers, who watched the matches on a beautiful November day. The weather was
fantastic for paddle.

A special thank you for the volunteers who helped run the tournament — Candy Weiner, David Appleman, Gerrit Toebes and Dave Fuller.   The past chair of the event, Rob Durfee, also assisted with preparing the draw and providing guidance along the way.

The event was a great way to highlight the Field Club and our membership.   — Gary Weiner and Tom O’Brien

Davis Coffee Cup Mixer

Due to a limited amount of interest this year, the Davis Cup Paddle Tournament was changed to the Davis Coffee Cup Mixer. TwentFun for All at Oktoberfesty six participants turned out to enjoy this fun event on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning in November.  Fun paddle was enjoyed almost as much as coffee and egg and bacon sandwiches! Hopefully next year we can get back to some seriously fun competition with a full Davis Cup tournament. – Mona Swanson


Music, beer, time with friends and great food – the makings of a great party.  Well, it was! More than 35 members gathered to kick off the paddle season with the annual Oktoberfest Mixer sponsored by Jonathan and Mindy Spencer and Steve and Sherri Ehrenberg.

With very seasoned players and some very new players on court, we had some terrific paddle matches and even more fun hanging around the food table, sampling the beer and catching up with friends we hadn’t seen since the pool closed.  Thanks to everyone who turned out to make a fantastic start to the paddle season. Watch for the 2017 Oktoberfest… always a lively night! – Sherri Ehrenberg