Snuggery Hours

The Snuggery is now closed for the season.  Watch for information regarding the opening and hours next spring!


2017 Snuggery News

Snuggery Offers an Array of Delicious Choices
We hope by now you’ve had the opportunity to meet Jim King and experience some of the new food offerings on our menu! This season at the Snuggery, we are trying out some new items in the form of daily specials, as well as serving the popular favorites on the menu. We have had items such as a grilled turkey Reuben sandwich, chicken burrito with beans and rice, homemade 12-inch pizza, buffalo and BBQ chicken sandwiches, wraps, ham and cheese quiche, and more. Currently, we have been offering side dishes like fresh fruit salad, macaroni salad, or tossed salad to accompany sandwiches and wraps.

Offering these “off menu” items enables us to see what foods you like, and perhaps the popular ones may become part of next year’s menu. The awesome Snuggery Staff welcome everyone’s feedback, as well as
suggestions and ideas. Let us know if you have a favorite item that we could serve!
Deirdre Mailloux and Jim King



Chairperson: Rosaria Peffer
Liaison: Deirdre Mailloux