Gardens and Grounds

Gardens and Grounds

The Field Club Gardens and Grounds Committee met January 12th to discuss plans for the future.  We are looking forward to a great tennis season and hope to have the grounds and flowers in tip-top shape.

The committee will carry on the work done by former chairman John Abbott, who was largely responsible for planning and helping to plant the many beautiful flowers found at the Club, including the flower garden on the front walkway to the tennis courts.

In March, our committee will meet and (weather permitting) walk the grounds of the Club to see where we might make improvements and plantings. Later in the spring, we will schedule a Saturday to plant annuals around the Club and purchase hanging plants for the balcony of the clubhouse and other parts of the Club. We also discussed the possibility of having holiday decorations at the Club.

As always, we welcome any suggestions you might have to improve the Club’s appearance. And, we always welcome anyone who wants to help us plant flowers or prune bushes and brush. — Mike Brault







Co-Chairpersons: John Abbott and Deirdre Mailloux
Board Liaison: Mona Swanson


Beautification (Grounds)

Spring is in the Air!

The days are getting longer, the tennis courts are being groomed, and the paddle season is on the wane…

…and that means it’s time to get the flower beds and borders all cleaned up and planted out for the summer. If you feel like getting your hands in the dirt and adding a dash of colorful flowers to the Club landscape, you should join the Beautification Committee.

Each spring, the Committee plants the annuals around the Club and coaxes the perennials back into shape. During the summer, we look after the plantings, watering, fertilizing and keeping them looking good through the fall.

Last spring, the Board asked us to improve the Wolf Swamp entrance to the Club. To improve the appearance and to increase visibility for drivers, the older, overgrown shrubs were removed. In September, we planted mums, some grasses and hydrangeas, courtesy of Tom O’Brien. This season, we hope to continue working on the entrance, as well as survey the grounds for areas that need attention.

If you’d like to join the Beautification Committee, please email John Abbott.  Our first meeting will be in the paddle hut on a Saturday or Sunday in mid April, hope you can join us! — John Abbott


Co-Chairpersons: John Abbott and Deirdre Mailloux
Board Liaison: Mona Swanson