President’s Message

Greetings Field Club Members!

Greetings to all!  It is a pleasure to be writing this message as the president of The Field Club for this upcoming year.  It is an honor and privilege to be a part of this year’s Board of Governors.

I’d like to express our appreciation to outgoing Board members from last year: Mona Swanson, Rick Plaut, and our previous president, Moira Murphy, who have all been instrumental in organizing and leading our club over the past three years.  They have been energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about The Field Club, and it has shown in their involvement throughout the years.  Many thanks!

For the upcoming year, we have three major goals as we look to sustain and grow our club.  First, we hope to increase involvement by engaging new and longtime members and encouraging their participation and organization in various Field Club activities.  Next, we plan to develop a marketing/membership committee to help with our current membership deficit.  And, lastly, we will be planning the construction of a new tennis walkway based on our most recent prioritization of capital projects.  The current walkway has been a concern in recent years due to its potentially hazardous conditions, particularly when wetness causes it to be slippery and unsafe.  Our appreciation goes out to the committee leading the charge!  Please let us know of any thoughts or concerns.

During the fall and early winter months, we have been busy with various activities and planning for the upcoming year.  The season began with the October Paddle 101 seeing several new members form paddle groups for the winter.  Sherri and Steve Ehrenberg partnered up with Mindy and Jonathan Spencer to run the annual Oktoberfest Paddle Mixer.  With close to 70 people attending, this is fast becoming one of the premier events throughout the year. This was followed by our Annual Meeting, run to perfection by Moira Murphy.  This year, it was held at the Colony Club, providing an exquisite venue for our year-end gathering.

During the months of November and December, we had two well received men’s paddle tournaments.  The Men’s 95+ Tournament, ran by Gary Weiner and Tom O’Brien, brought in several regional players and provided numerous exciting matches.  Jeff Morneau hosted the Western New England National Ranking Tournament. It was played during some heavy snow, but that didn’t stop the amazing shot-making ability of some of the nation’s best players. The Wanna Bee Mixer, hosted by Jon Pappas and Dave Wartman, generated a large turnout, giving members an opportunity to socialize and enjoy the early winter weather.  We had a cold and artic New Year’s Eve Mixer that was warmed by good company and beverages.  Thank you to Brian Grayboff and Jenn Willson, who co-hosted this event.

The Women’s A/B mixer, hosted by Asa Nilsson and Chris Nicholson, brought members together to mix, mingle and play with all ability levels.  Dave and Jackie Pleet got our January circulation going with the “Pre-Souper Bowl” Mixer.

At the time of this writing, the Super Bowl A/B Mixer is to be held on February 4th and should provide great paddle play prior to the big game.  As we hope to thaw after a cold and artic January, upcoming events include the Ladies’ Oscars Mixer, the St. Patrick’s Day Mixer and the upcoming Club Championships in March. So, plan on getting out there and joining in the upcoming events!

Jr. Paddle lessons, headed up by Glenn Snyder and assistant Alexa Moutafis, have been successful and have had a good showing from promising young paddle players.  The Ehrenberg Family hosted the Parent Child Mixer, bringing together several families on a fun Sunday afternoon in January.

This upcoming year, we hope to continue our focus on our social events to include: the Spring Fling, July 4th and Labor Day Tailgates, Poolside Party and, hopefully, a trip to the US Open again this year.  We also plan to do a few other outings along the way…so stay tuned.

Along with all the events, Lori McMahon continues to lead our membership efforts, so if you know of anyone interested in joining, please have them fill out an application!  Look for

upcoming marketing efforts and Open Houses, as well.  Just a reminder that recent members can sponsor new members, and you can sponsor up to three new families per year.  There continues to be a $100 credit for sponsoring new members!

If anyone has any questions, concerns or ideas about planning or hosting an event; please don’t hesitate to contact me or any Board member.  Remember, The Field Club is a member-run organization, and your involvement is what makes it successful and special.

Think warm thoughts…and see you on the courts.

— Mike Freedman