President’s Message

Greetings Field Club Members!

So hard to say good bye to our summer season! We had such a tremendous year.  The Club was busy year round with activities for all ages — new events, annual events and general busyness.

The year-end Club tennis tournaments were competitive and fun and the hosts that organized these events are to be commended – Carolyn Marchese, Connie and Tom Gould and Lora Arnold. Our volunteer members are the heart and soul of the Club.

Head Tennis Pro Ann Boisvert has shepherded another successful season for all ages.  We are so grateful for her knowledgeable touch in organizing the Davis Cup, the tennis programs, the championship tournaments for adults, and the youth programs, as well as balancing the staffing needs and all the tennis court happenings. She worked hard with Jamie Dunbar to implement new programs. She also worked with Tara Harris to host the Ronald McDonald fundraiser for over 60 participants. It is such a comfort to know we have such a capable Tennis Pro… what a season, thank you!

Adult tennis mixers this summer were well organized by our hosts and attendance was high, with all enjoying great tennis and social nights. Kudos to the hard work by co-chairs Kim Burns and Lora Arnold.

Junior tennis ended with championships and a party enjoyed by all. Ann and her staff gave us another great year!  Thank you Kate Morneau and Marna Shields for your efforts. Our USTA teams had great seasons thanks to Eve Sullivan and Brian Gurski, as well as parent coordinators Kate Morneau and Laura Katz.

We implemented a new teen series which kicked off with dodgeball and tennis and ended with volleyball see the details in the column by Russell Wells (page 8). He and Eve Sullivan did a great job on all events.

Mary Adler was instrumental in the success of the tennis events, especially the s’mores night with Lou and Matt building the fire. The Dodgeball night with Marna Shields, Phil Guidry and Mona Swanson gave us a great start!

We painted pickleball lines and had our first Pickleball 101 clinic led by Ken Vicunas.  We are hoping to get a regular time next year to have drop-in pickleball. A new chapter in the history books has been started!

We had 44 members attend the US Open, and it was a great experience. I personally will be back next year to see more great tennis and explore the grounds.  Having a bus transport you is the way to go. Such a great day!  Thank you, Mona Swanson! She worked on this since January, and it was a huge success.

Our renovated pool was busier than ever this year.  One of our most successful events was the Dive-In Movie night hosted by Sherri Ehrenberg and Christine Weyer. The kids loved this event; it was so great to see them floating around and enjoying themselves.  Our lifeguards are the best, handling these events and all our pool activities, teaching, and entertaining the little ones at the pool. Head Lifeguards Caroline Sturges and Kristen Webber gave the Club great guidance on all pool issues and made it a fun season for all.

We had a terrific turnout for our poolside dining night. The “Monday Night Croo,” led by Dave Appleman, pulled out all the stops decorating and putting up lights.  Special thanks to Scott Brindle for using his lungs to fill our giant beach ball and other floats.  The food was delicious, brought by attendees and added to by Chef Barry O’Connor!

The Labor Day Tailgate was a huge hit with everyone, and the kids enjoyed some new activities led by Russell Wells and Katelyn King.

As we head into the fall, we are looking forward to our Annual Meeting at the Colony Club. If you have never been, this is a great opportunity to see what all the buzz is about. It should be a wonderful evening, so save the date for Friday, November 3rd. Please come vote for the new slate of Board of Governor officers and keep abreast of the Club’s financial presentation and upcoming capital projects.

We are still marketing the Club for new members, because although we managed to fill our membership gap for the year (and even go a bit over), we have lost some members due to moves and families transitioning to senior status.  Without a waitlist, we find ourselves needing to fill another gap this year. So, keep looking for potential new members and invite a few to our Paddle 101 Clinic on Sunday, October 28th. Spread the word, members are our best source! If you know of a family that is interested in joining, encourage them to start the process now. Lori McMahon, our membership chair, is able to assist you with any questions. We have streamlined the process to help facilitate getting new members up and running fast.

We are gearing up for another great paddle season and have posted the schedule on the website.

It has been a great, exciting year, but as the fall leaves start changing color, our pro shop, pool, snuggery and tot lot are closed, winding down after a great season. General Manager Jeff Dubiel has done an awesome job handling all our Club needs, from hiring new staff to managing a huge pool renovation. His construction expertise has benefited the Club; he has the knowledge to understand what each and every Club project needs and how to get competitive bids. He has personally managed every project to successful completion.  The pool project was able to be completed by summer season because of his diligence managing the contractor. Thank you, Jeff!

As I write my last Baseline letter, I am amazed at how beautifully the Field Club community comes together to volunteer and share great times. We have a fantastic facility and members that step up to help keep us moving forward.

The Board of Governor’s will be saying good bye to Mona Swanson, Rick Plaut and Tom O’Brien, as three new members take the reins. We are grateful to all three of these Board members for all their hard work on many fronts. Voted in by the Board of governors pending the vote at Annual Meeting will be: Liz Kollias, Tom Kietzman and Lora Arnold. The new Board has an exciting year coming for all members, and Mike Freedman will be an excellent president to lead the way.

Finally, my term as president ends, but I will remain on the Board as immediate past-president next year and work to aid in the transition to the Club’s next president. It has been another great Field Club year. Thank you to all members for your contributions to our great club and giving me the opportunity to serve as your president.  It was a great experience, and I enjoyed working with the rest of the Board of Governors and, again, thank them all for their support and hard work.

See you at the Annual Meeting on Friday, November 3rd, 6:30 p.m., at The Colony Club in Springfield!

All the best,